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Official Website of the Pekin Amateur Hockey Association

Welcome to the Pekin Amateur Hockey Association (PAHA)!!

Thanks for visiting our website!  If you are newly registered with PAHA, make sure to create an account with our website to gain access to the membership information!

If you are seeking information about the organization and our website doesn't answer your specific question, feel free to email dragonhockey01@gmail.com with your question, or call (309) 346-1240.

Our address is:

PO Box 234

Pekin, IL 61554

What is Central Illinois Hockey League? (CIHL)

Central Illinois Hockey League is a competitive hockey league based in Central Illinois.  Competing in CIHL means no extensive traveling to play competitive hockey.  Teams are based out of Bloomington, Decatur, Champaign, and Springfield. We will have multiple teams registered to compete in the Central Illinios Hockey League such as the Mites and Squirts!

Upcoming Events

  • May
  • 2
Spring/Summer Mite Tournament (Full Ice)
  • May
  • 3
Spring/Summer Mite Tournament (Full Ice)
  • May
  • 4
Spring/Summer Mite Tournament (Full Ice)
  • May
  • 16
Spring/Summer Mite Tournament (Full Ice)
  • May
  • 17
Spring/Summer Mite Tournament (Full Ice)

2013/2014 Mite Level Rule Changes (AHAI)


New Program for 2013-2014 Mite Season

For the last several years, USA Hockey has been promoting the American Development Model (ADM) which was created to best serve all youth hockey players’ development starting at the Mite level. The ADM program is structured to teach the sport of hockey in a fun, healthy way with a child’s long-term development as the primary consideration.

One of the key components of the ADM program for 8 and Under (8U) aged players (mite level) is the use of cross-ice games. The reasons for cross-ice at the 8U level are:

• Same number of strides to cover 85 feet for an 8U player as 200 feet for an adult player

• Younger players have more energy with which they can improve their skills when they are skating 85 feet across the ice surface as opposed to the full 200 feet length of ice surface

• Hockey is the only sport not utilizing a smaller playing surface for younger players

• More puck touches for each player due to smaller space

• Better develops puck handling skill & confidence

• Decision-making skills are enhanced, as more decisions must be made more frequently at a higher tempo

With the above in mind, USA Hockey issued a mandate that all 8U (mite level) hockey be played in a cross or half ice format beginning with the 2013-2014 season. Understanding that half ice games are an important part of 8U hockey but full ice games are still critical to development, AHAI (Amateur Hockey Association Illinois) in conjunction with USA Hockey has announced a new program for 2013-2014 Mite Season. The program differentiates between players at the 8U and at the 6 and Under (6U) age groups within the mite level.

Since AHAI governs youth hockey in Illinois, all clubs in the state must follow the 8U and 6U rules for mite youth hockey starting this fall:

1. All 6U players will only be allowed to play cross-ice/half-ice. There are no exceptions.

2. 6U teams will not be allowed to travel outside the state.

3. 8U players will not be able to play any full-ice games until December 1st. All games prior to this date will be cross-ice/half-ice with the exception of a tournament during Thanksgiving. There is a limit of 20 full ice games to be played between December and February.

4. AHAI and the various associations/leagues will continue to host cross-ice jamborees throughout the full-ice playing season with a minimum of two each year.

5. 8U will play a geographical based schedule, with no more than 20% of their games outside their geography.

6. 8U teams will only be allowed one out of state tournament each season.

7. No 8U will be allowed to play up at Squirt level, no exceptions.